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If your make-or-break software project is stuck, help is on the way...

If you want to know exactly what to do
to implement your strategic software project,
I can tell you and show you.

In fact, I'm going to personally hang out with you, on an ongoing basis, to make the software part of your small business a big success. So if you've been struggling with a make-or-break software development project, and you want some clear, non-condescending, non-geeky coaching from someone with tons of experience in the field... then keep reading.

I'm helping half a dozen small businesses
launch their web or desktop applications at a fixed-price discount.
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Hey, I'm Mark W. Schumann, the "make your project not suck" guy. I've worked with over fifty organizations to help them accomplish their goals over the last couple of decades. I'm pretty good at writing code and designing databases. But I'm really good at making technical things simple to understand without talking down or leaving out things you really do need to know.

Smart, direct, occasionally confusing but always fun.Paul Winkeler

And I keep meeting entrepreneurs and professionals who want to do something awesome with a new software product or web application, but don't know how. They're destined for great things. They just need someone to show them how to apply their big ideas and their business sense to the software tech world.

So I decided to make that help and coaching affordable, predictable, and easy to apply. That's what you're looking at right now.

Here's how it all works: three steps to get it done

You're pretty awesome at those things, taking monumental things and chopping them down to size. —Beth Kujala, Micros & Macros

The first step is with you filling out a short questionnaire telling me about your business and what you're trying to accomplish with the software project. This should take just a few minutes, and all by itself it will help you develop clarity on what is and isn't working for you so far. Once I get that information from you, I'll carefully review your answers in detail and we'll set up a time to talk. (If you're not too far from Cleveland, we'll do that in person.) Then if we both decide it works for us to do this thing, you'll get the following:

Best of all, you can get this at a low, fixed cost of $795.00 for the first month—because you need to be in control of expenses and I want more case studies to use in future articles and materials. It's win-win.

There's a guarantee...

...and you get to decide what it is. Because our discussion at that first meeting defines what success looks like and your personal commitment to making it work.

The guarantee is simply this: if you fulfill your commitment to the plan as we established, and we are still not successful in reaching the defined goals, you get your money back with no hurt feelings. It's really that simple: You establish what you need out of each month's work and process, we make a plan to accomplish those things together, and we're both accountable for holding up our end of the deal. What could be better?

This is the shortest, most affordable path to software success.

Are you ready to get to that welcome questionnaire right now? Great! Do you have more questions first? That's cool too. Call me now at 216-661-2000 or email <mark@criticalresults.com>!

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P.S.—Remember, I won't be offering this discounted flat rate for too terribly long—once I get enough case studies under my belt I'll be pulling the discount and going back to offering hourly consulting for startups and small businesses. So if you're serious about being in control and you don't want to have to plan for open-ended consulting work, then you'll want to jump on this before this $795.00 discount offer goes away.

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