How I Work

(or, what's in it for you)

What's it like to work with me? On this page I'll tell you the kind of results my clients have experienced and I'll also give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, approach to client projects, and how I'm different from most software consultants.

Worked with Mark maintaining and enhancing a number of legacy record keeping systems at a top financial firm. This project was at least a year of firefighting and problem resolution and Mark was excellent at it. Sharp and creative...and likeable too! —John Ours, Paragon Consulting


Beliefs and Values

I am in business to move your projects along and help your existing team do their best possible work.

My approach

I work hard for your organization, but always in partnership with your own staff and decision-makers. Business-critical projects are never executed in a vacuum. That's why...

What makes me unique

I have a twenty-two-year track record of finding concrete solutions to data problems that have frustrated others.

People like working with me! As an extrovert, I tend to bring people together. Even when brought into a crisis situation, I find common interests among stakeholders and can usually surmount differences to reach cooperation.

I enthusiastically embrace information sharing, even providing a wiki collaboration platform for client use.

I understand Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Therefore, you won't have to explain the difference between liability and expense accounts, and I know how to maintain auditable double-entry transactions.

I am not tied to any subset of operating systems, software products, or prepackaged solutions. Therefore, I ask a lot of questions about your business--not to push a particular solution, but to fully understand your goals and challenges.

My extensive network of colleagues, management consultants, trainers, technical writers, DBAs, network managers, and hardware experts is available to you. Rare is the problem that will not yield to my mighty Rolodex. You won't be left in the lurch with a software-only solution where a more comprehensive skill mix is required!

But most importantly, I've developed a wide perspective from my experiences in a variety of industries. You probably don't care very much about computers, but worries of moving product and creating revenue are what keep you up at night. I get that, and my job is to create results in that context.

Next Step


Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me, and have read about my approach and philosophy of working with clients, move on to the My Services page to learn about the specific services I offer.

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