Who I Work With

(or, how you know when you need to call me)

Your incremental loading implementation is bad-ass! It's working well for me and makes other things easier, besides just being wonderfully fast. I almost understand it. --Beth Kujala, Micros & Macros

I work with a wide variety of organizations, from the Fortune 101 to small nonprofits--anyone whose software development is especially challenging or just stuck. Some are behind schedule; others may not be well-defined enough to know.

Do these sound like you?

I.T. managers

Business leaders

We are likely to be successful working together...

If you're looking for a bid on your project focused on price only, I'm probably not your guy. However, if you are interested in effective solutions that will reduce your total cost of doing business or increase your results, I am your guy. A thirty-minute conversation will allow you to decribe your business issues and ideas, and enable me to share my approach to solving problems. I will consider it a privilege to partner with you!

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Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them resolve, and what we need to do to ensure your success, follow this link to learn more about How I Work.

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